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Takari is an opinionated, community focused, sustainable software company.

Takari’s focus centers around the fact that development in the JVM-based ecosystem is heavily dependent on retrieving and assembling components into runtimes and software products. Whether the components come from Maven Central or from within your organization the use of existing components is increasing and the ecosystem needs to evolve in order to make consuming and producing components easier.
In the coming months we will be open sourcing projects, and sharing some of the work we've been doing for customers.

Founding Values

We Strive for Sustainability

An ecosystem in balance is sustainable and will endure. From your complex software development lifecycle, right down to our day-to-day operations, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds and approach.

Our Customers Are Our Investors

Our customers fund our day-to-day operations by paying for our training, services and products. We answer to our customers so we can continue to focus our energy where it matters most — on creating high-quality, useful products for you.

Integrity and Authenticity Are Paramount

We believe in doing the right thing, in a reliable way and are committed to being genuine in our actions and reactions.

Community Support is Key

Staying involved and continuing to support the projects that are such a large part of where we came from is important to us.

Founding Father

Jason van Zyl  

Jason has been involved in the open source community for over 15 years and is the Founder of Apache Maven.

Maven just won't die -- WTF is Takari?

January, 2014

Slides from this presentation can be viewed or downloaded here.

As some may know, a lot of work has been done at takari.io on various advanced features in Maven but, unfortunately, not enough work for these features to see the light of day. Some of the work is mine, some of other major contributors, and more recently from key customers.

To make a long story short there's a lot of cool stuff to talk about, and the work as a new venue at takari.io! In this webinar, we touch on:

  • Polyglot support: Ruby, Groovy, and Scala DSLs. These have all been actively worked on in the recent past, especially the Ruby and Scala DSLs.
  • Full incremental support: the complete Maven lifecycle including an incremental command line compiler based on JDT, all with m2e integration
  • Aggressive parallelization: a new parallelization mode that also optimizes scheduling based on critical path analysis
  • Generations: a new form of continuous delivery for Maven -- Smart delta protocol and no more SNAPHOTs!
  • Shell: long-lived CLI process for Maven

Much of this work is functional, and the new parallelization mode and generations support are actively being used in production. We are still iterating on these specific features but they show a lot of promise. Where all of this code eventually lands is a question for the Maven development community. All of this work was developed outside of Apache, and how easy it is to integrate back into the Maven project remains to be seen. At the very least there is a lot of very interesting work and I wanted to start the dialog because Maven just isn't going to die :-)

- Jason