Maven Developer Hangout -- February 5th, 2015

Tomorrow we continue our Maven Developer Hangout series where we will talk about the Polyglot for Maven project, and how to make it easier to deliver sophisticated features for Maven in the form of extensions.


Chris Hunt and Christian Meier will be talking about the Polyglot for Maven project. In Polyglot for Maven Chris implemented the Scala DSL and Christian implemented the Ruby DSL. We’ll talk about if/how these DSLs are being used, what the barriers are for their use, and if the idea of DSLs in Maven can gain any traction.

Igor Fedorenko and Jason van Zyl will be talking about how to improve the way extensions are made available to Maven users. Maven has done a great job enabling a distributed community to develop plugins and the features within easy to consume. Right now for more sophisticated integrations, like Polyglot for Maven, this is far more difficult and cumbersome because a user is forced to download an extension and manually modify their local installation. This is frustrating for Maven users who want to try a feature and it also makes it difficult for a team to consistently use an extension. There are extensions, like Tycho, which is packaged as a plugin but there are many extensions that cannot be packaged as plugins and these are the types of extensions we’ll be talking about tomorrow.



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