New Modello Editor for Eclipse!

Last week in the Maven Developer Hangout on January 15th Anton Tanasenko, an M2Eclipse committer, gave a demo of the Modello editor he’s been working on. Modello is a tool that Maven committers are familiar with as it’s what we use for generating Java sources, XSDs, XML readers/writers from a model. You can think of Modello as a super-simplified version of Eclipse’s EMF.

Why a Modello editor? It’s part of a larger effort to make Maven core development easier and Modello is a technology that’s critical to Maven but the tooling support is lacking. This new Modello editor will help new Maven core developers navigate the models we use to generate much of the Maven infrastructure.

You can watch Anton demo the Modello editor here:

Anton has been making improvements and fixing bugs in the last couple weeks and we’ve now added a CI build and it’s deploying a p2 site you use:

Please feel free ask questions. We’re happy to answer them on the Maven Developers List or on IRC ( We look forward to hearing from you!



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