Speed up your Maven Builds!

We have been working on our incremental Takari Lifecycle for many months and we forgot to share the great blog post from Paris Apostolopoulos about his experience using the Takari Lifeycle. We’re trying to get the word out about our incremental build support and we believe the best source of information for users is from other users.

The day that I pushed the takari lifecycle change on our git repo, after half an hour I started hearing ‘wowss’ and ‘yeees’ from my team members. Repated packaging on changes is very very cheap, changes on resources files and properties ensure that we will get a fresh package when needed. Our repacking times dropped to more than 50%-60%.

All of the Takari Lifecycle’s components are housed at Github if you want to take a look, and as promised we’re trying to get the content of the book up on Github so people can contribute to the documentation.



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