Maven Developer Hangout -- January 22nd, 2015

Tomorrow we continue our Maven Developer Hangout series where we will talk about the Basepom project, how to efficiently develop Maven plugins in Eclipse, and how to make the configuration of Maven Plugins easier and safer.


Henning Schmiedehausen will be talking about the Basepom project, and a recent change to the Maven Dependency Plugin. Henning worked with me on the Turbine project years ago where Maven was born. So he’s probably the longest surviving committer aside from me! The Basepom projects is very useful project with good ideas for Maven projects so this will be a good discussion.

Igor Fedorenko will be talking about how to efficiently develop Maven plugins using Takari TEAM for M2Eclipse. How to resolve plugins you’re working on from the Eclipse workspace, how to make sure plugin metadata is generated correctly, and to get source lookups working correctly.

Jason van Zyl will be talking about how to scope configuration by Mojo name in a plugin configuration using the new MavenExecutionConfigurator extension point in Maven Core. The Takari Lifecycle is one cohesive plugin that contains all the Mojos for the lifecycle and without scoping configuration by Mojo name it’s not easy to tell what configuration elements apply to a specific Mojo and there is no way to avoid naming conflicts.



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