Maven Developer Hangout -- January 15th, 2015

Tomorrow we have a full lineup for our Maven Developer Hangout. Our guests include Anton Tanasenko, Igor Fedorenko, Chris Hunt, James Ward, and Isaac Schlueter. We’ll have some cool demos and an interesting discussion about the intersection of the Javascript and Java ecosystems with respect to web development.


Anton Tanasenko (M2Eclipse committer) will be talking about and demonstrating a new Eclipse-based editor for Modello. Modello is used heavily in Maven to generate many of our resources from a model. We generate Java code, XSD, Xpp3 readers, and writers from our Modello models and Anton and made this much easier with his new editor.

Igor Fedorenko will be talking about the Eclipse support for the Takari Lifecycle and how using Takari’s incremental APIs simplifies writing Maven plugins that are supported correctly in M2Eclipse.

Chris Hunt (Typesafe &, James Ward (Salesforce & and Isaac Schlueter (Creator of NPM) will be talking about how best to leverage existing Javascript package management systems for front-end web development in JVM-based projects.

The room will likely fill up quickly like it did last week but we always like new people joining so if you’re interested in attending come before we start because only ten people can participate in the discussion. We’ll also start keeping track of the individual segments and publish a summary with links to the segments. It should be easy to watch the parts of the hangout that you’re interested in without having to scan through the entire recording.



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