Maven Incremental Build: JDT Compiler Implementation

Last week in the Maven Developer Hangout one of the topics we covered was Takari’s JDT compiler implementation. Working on a JDT compiler implementation is part of our larger effort to bring complete incremental build support to Maven as part of the Takari Lifecycle. As progress on individual parts of our solution are made we’re trying to make an effort to share that work. As part of the hangout last week, Igor gave a short presentation on the implementation details of our JDT compiler implementation. Some of the important points touched upon are:

  • Limitations of the Javac compiler
  • Compatibility notes on the maven-compiler-plugin
  • Our JDT batch compiler is significantly faster than the one that ships from Eclipse
  • We have added classpath access rule support: expose only your API and hide your implementation!
  • How to try our JDT compiler implementation yourself!

You can watch the pertinent part of the hangout from last week here:

Or you can step through the slides on our JDT compiler implementation yourself.

Please feel free ask questions. We’re happy to answer them on the Maven User List or on IRC ( We look forward to hearing from you!



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