New M2Eclipse Website!

The M2Eclipse project has a new website! We’ve been working on cleaning up the existing content and converting it to Markdown. The Jekyll-based site is currently hosted at Github and we hope to be more active at curating the site and making it more relevant to users. We have been successful recently in garnering contributions to the M2Eclipse Discovery Catalog in the form of pull requests and we hope the same will be true of our new website.

Currently we manually transform the Jekyll-based site to the static HTML site and push the changes to the M2Eclipse website repository. Currently the M2Eclipse website repository can only accept static HTML sites. It would be ideal if we can host the Jekyll-based site at Eclipse and have it be transformed and published like what happens with Github Pages. We have made a request to the Eclipse Webmaster to see if we can make this happen.

If you see anything you want changed, or find something that is out of date please help us improve the site with a pull request! The site is primarily authored in Markdown format and there are many great tools for editing Markdown. Two of my favourite web-based editors are and while the two Mac-based editors I’m using these days are Mou and MacDown.

Most of the content for the site came from the M2Eclipse Wiki and we’ve updated all the pages to point at the new content so all your Google searches should still work, but if you see any issues let us know on Twitter.



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