First Ever Maven Development Hangout

Today at 4pm EDT we’re going to have the first ever Maven Development Hangout and anyone is welcome to attend. What are we going to talk about specifically? Concretely we plan to talk about how to evolve the Maven POM format and the best strategy for doing this. One train of thought is to have a build-time format and a consumption-time format. The build-time format is the format that we can evolve quickly and may be tied to a particular version of Maven while the consumption-time format would be boiled down to the bare minimum, stable form of a POM that can be used across many versions of Maven into the future. The theory is that while resolving dependencies how the project is actually built is not relevant any longer. Whether this completely holds true is one of the things we will discuss today. We have talked about this feature for a long time and we hope a public discussion will help move this feature forward. There may very well be other proposals and hopefully there will be several options discussed today.

Apart from that we will figure out other topics that might be of interest for discussion in future meetings, and I will briefly talk about three branches that I would like to integrate into master soon (immutable MavenProject, JSR330, and resolution-hoisting) and some developments with Maven Central. If you have anything you want to discuss feel free to drop by to ask questions! Again here’s the link for those interested:



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