Maven 3.2.2: May I have a pull request kind sir?

Many issues were resolved for the Maven 3.2.2 release, but of particular note this releaes is the number of pull requests we received for Maven itself. It’s not uncommon for us to get patches for plugins, but for this release we received some non-trivial contributions for Maven which is both suprising and awesome! Once I saw a couple pull requests for Maven I tried to come up with a quick way for people to build Maven and then run the integration test suite against Maven patched with the given pull request. I’m not sure how helpful this is yet, but it at least showed contributors what they have to checkout and run in order to know the proposed change doesn’t cause any harm. If a contributor says they have patched Maven and the integration tests pass for me, at least, it makes it much more appealing to look at the change because it means I don’t have to do the basic validation which can be time consuming.

Many thanks to those who made pull requests that were absorbed into Maven 3.2.2. Of particular note are the following contributors who made several changes and were very patient working with me to get their changes in:

I hope this trend of user contribution continues. It’s great to see more contributors and I have to give credit to Github for making it so easy for people to work together. So please, more pull requests!



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