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Takari Training: Shine On With Maven

In wilderness survival, knowing about the sun and stars can be vital, especially when you find yourself lost without a map or a compass. These navigation skills can help you get your bearings quickly, so you can get pointed back in the right direction. Acquiring these skills before you need them, can make a world of difference. While our Takari Maven Training program is in its first few months of rolling out, we’ve already received valuable feedback from students who say our Introduction to Maven class would have saved them a lot of effort if they’d taken it back when they were getting started with Maven.

We designed our introductory course to offer a practical and relevant baseline of knowledge to help teams collaborate more effectively on their Maven projects. We offer a curriculum that’s an easy introduction to new users, and an essential refresher for current users.

Takari Training may be new, but our trainer is no rookie. We’re pleased to welcome Manfred Moser, a very seasoned trainer with scores of Maven classes under his belt. He keeps material practical, applied and his enthusiasm for taking questions and engaging students ensures that everyone gets the most value from class.

Our Introduction to Maven virtual course provides an opportunity for students to benefit from access to Manfred for the day, as well as valuable discussions with fellow students all from the comfort of their own office. Our materials are kept up to date with the latest Maven release, so you can be confident that you are up-to-speed with the very latest Maven has to offer.

We offer public classes monthly and private classes for groups of 8 or more. To learn more or enroll in our upcoming classes, please click here.



Maven Training

To use Maven correctly you'll need to understand the fundamentals. This class is designed to deliver just that.

Introduction to Maven

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